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Food Photographer
hello readers.

As summer approaches, we’re excited to bring you another issue of Excelle magazine, filled with inspiring stories, delicious food reviews and exciting interviews.    

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In this month’s issue, we share
our recent dining experience at Snug & Chatter, a charming
gastro-style pub located in the heart of Wetherby. We had the pleasure of interviewing Rowan Claughton,
a local lad and contestant from the Great British Bake Off.
Plus much, much more!

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excelle recipes.

From easy mid-week meals to something a little more indulgent we have recipe ideas for any occasion, exclusively shared from some of
the best names in the business.

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Stu's stars.

A loose interpretation of the celestial
skies, with particular focus on the
month of June.

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Reading a Newspaper
always look on the
bright side...

Certain news networks and daily papers seem to think that the biggest threat to our modern,

free-thinking society is ‘Cancel Culture’, or something that they refer to as the ‘Wokerati’, So, how much do we actually need our hyperbolic bogeymen?

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