Chloë’s column    

Hello Readers 

Food glorious food, hot sausage and mustard, whilst I’m in the mood, fill my face with some custard. Sushi rolls and avocado on toast, what’s next on the menu? Let’s have some olives and dips at a delicatessen!

I intended for that to be read along to the famous tune as warbled by Oliver Twist and his orphan companions because otherwise it wouldn’t really make sense, but who cares! Because if you didn’t already catch my delicious drift, this edition is all about Food Glorious Food. 

I’m a true food fan and spend most of my waking hours thinking about what morsel shall next pass my lips, but to me, food isn’t just about taste and sustenance, for those are the mere foundations of what good grub brings to our lives. For a start, or should I say starter, food is a catalyst for togetherness, whether it’s having the family over for a Sunday roast, hosting birthday celebrations at your local pizza restaurant or catching up with friends over a slice of cake and a cappuccino, food has the great capability of giving us a purpose to meet and therefore binds us closer together. 

Secondly, food is always there for you. Bad break-up? Console yourself with a tub of ice cream. Feeling tired? Boost your energy with a granola bar. Can’t get warm? Cook up a warming stew. Whatever your mood there’s a food that can make it all better. 

And thirdly, cuisine can open your eyes to a country or culture you might not have encountered or explored before. Without having to speak a single translated word, you can simply sit in a restaurant or grab some street food and gather some understanding as to the culture and lifestyles of others just by eating their food. Saucy bowls of spaghetti in Italy, fresh and spicy tortillas in Mexico or sumptuously complex curries in India. The history and passion put into cooking is evident in every continent and you’ll never tire of discovering how the locals made use of the produce available to them. 

I could probably go on and on about my appetite for great food and how it enriches our lives, but I don’t want to overfeed you before you’ve read the rest of the magazine so I’ll leave it there while you’ve still got room. 

Enjoy the edition – Bon Appetit!