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Dear Readers with Charlotte Davies

Happy New Year readers

January is named after the Roman god of doorways, transitions and new beginnings, Janus, because this month is the door of the year. A month named after new beginnings.

I like that. What are your goals for 2022?  I’m certainly not participating in Dry January, in fact I’m in awe of you if you do, but personally, I won’t be depriving myself of the odd glass of wine.

Family Beach Day

I will however be trying to make other subtle, sustainable changes toward a slightly heathier lifestyle. Discovering moderation is the key for me. Be more patient with my beautiful children, walk more, eat less rubbish, work fewer evenings, and during 2022, I WILL be visiting at least one new place each month. 

I don’t mean anything as extravagant as a different country, (I wish) but perhaps a local walk we haven’t tried yet,

a new restaurant or coffee bar, or a family day trip to a park, beach or stately home we haven’t been to before. I read a quote a few days ago: ‘you think risks are dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal’. I certainly think this applies to me, but we are all spectacularly different. That’s what makes the world so wonderful. I love the promise of January.


Like the first page in a new exercise book at school. Remember not wanting to make any mistakes on the very first page? The older I get the more I realise that inevitably humans do make mistakes though so be kind to yourself. Don’t let January put too much pressure on you.

If you are looking to detox and discover new ways to get fit we have some fabulous articles for you to devour, meanwhile I will be devouring my pasta, chicken curries and will gladly raise my glass of wine to you!

Charlotte x