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Hello Readers with Charlotte Davies

Hello Readers

Where is the year going? Somehow, we are almost in July. This marks the end of the school year and the start of six weeks juggling summer fun with the kids along with work. 

Summer Fun

As it is summer, we have put together our top swimwear picks with a shape and style to suit everyone. If you are in need of a short break, but don’t want to go too far, check out our perfect Yorkshire getaways feature. You will find everything from the most luxurious 5-star hotels, ideal for a romantic escape, to beautiful holiday lets perfect for the whole family and all within picturesque Yorkshire.

Have you been lucky enough to see the acclaimed musical, Chicago? We chat with Russell Watson who is currently touring the UK with the show and get a glimpse into his life and varied career. 

We also bring you news of many events, shows and festivals planned for the summer to ensure you don’t miss out. 

Getting prepped for (hopefully) warmer months can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. From lighter make-up, to daring to bare our legs after they have been hidden away for the winter to sandal-ready feet and ensuring that you have the right SPF to protect your skin. Head to our Summer Beauty pages with our edit of summer beauty essentials, including some of my favourites that I simply can’t do without. The older I get (grand old age of 36), I understand the importance of keeping my skin hydrated and SPF really is your best friend - especially if you are a fellow sun worshipper.

Between the childcare/work juggle I intend to try and make the most of this summer. The best things don’t have to be extravagant. Enjoy the precious sunshine and warmth, have a picnic, watch a sunrise, visit the coast and build a sandcastle, take time to walk in nature and ditch your smartphone every now and again so that you can live in the moment without distraction.


Take time to make some lasting memories this summer, your own way.