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Hello Readers with Charlotte Davies

Hello Readers

Welcome to the July issue of Excelle Magazine. This month, we are thrilled to bring you an exciting mix of exclusive content and delectable food reviews.


Our cover story features an exclusive interview with the talented and soulful Gabrielle. She shares insights into her musical journey, inspirations and what her future holds. Her candidness and warmth will leave you inspired and captivated. In our culinary section, we start with a visit to The Chequers in Ledsham. This charming establishment combines rustic elegance with culinary excellence. Their seasonal dishes and cosy ambiance make it a true gem worth discovering. Next, we dive into the Sunday Buffet at Sukhothai in Leeds.


This Thai haven offers a feast for the senses with its aromatic curries, flavourful stir-fries and exquisite desserts. It’s an experience that transports you straight to Thailand, right in the heart of Leeds. We also ventured to The Scott’s Arms in Sicklinghall, a historic inn that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. Their inviting atmosphere and exquisite spring menu make it the perfect spot for a delightful mid-week escape. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. Here’s to a summer filled with inspiration, great reads and fantastic food! 


Happy reading! 

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