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An education beyond excellent grades

Steven Turner, Head of QE College, explains how Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate is inspiring its students to be lifelong learners, meaningful contributors to society and well-rounded individuals with success measured beyond excellent academic grades.

Nestled in 200 acres between Harrogate and York, QE College is known nationally and globally for its academic success and consistently high-ranking league table positions, placing 2nd nationally for A Level Results in the Sunday Times Parent Power 2023, and retaining its 1st Place position for Academic Performance in the North for a third year in a row.

Beyond that, QE offers a diverse, dynamic and enriching community that encourages learning, leadership, and belonging. QE takes pride in encouraging its students to develop across a wide spectrum of areas beyond the standard curriculum including problem-solving, responsibility, and debate. We take pride in inspiring students to become lifelong learners with the mindset required for an ever-changing world, and that is why we teach our students not just to excel in examinations but to be curious, think critically about problems and to produce creative solutions.

The Collegiate fosters future readiness by developing the wider skills that are essential for future employability and success. For example, we run an annual Whole School Revision Project, which has enabled our students to develop vital life skills, including mental agility, resilience, teamwork, collaboration, and effective study habits. By teaching our pupils how to best retain knowledge, communicate with others, and apply critical thinking, we are preparing them to excel in examinations and projects throughout their education and work life and not just for their next assessment.

Students can broaden their knowledge of both academic and extracurricular pursuits through our extensive co-curricular programme of over 100 different activities onsite. They can also set themselves apart from their peers in the university market by participating in national award schemes, external qualifications, student leadership roles, and fixtures or performances which demand a high level in their chosen field. With four students receiving their 2024 Oxbridge offers thus far, we are thrilled with how our co-curricular and careers programmes are complementing each other.

We regularly welcome professionals, entrepreneurs and changemakers to educate and inspire our students through seminars and workshops. In January, students enjoyed a full day of activities

and lectures around the topic of 'The Power of Resilience' provided by Samuel Kasumu, Jonathan Eig, Laura Bartlett, and Lillie Almond.

Success at QE is not just defined by excellent academic grades. Here, students get hands-on experience in their passions, compete nationally in competitions, undergo research projects, and become independent learners who enjoy working collaboratively and can communicate their ideas with confidence. The Collegiate is dedicated to ensuring that its students are ready for further education, for independent living, and for future workplaces, wherever they might be.

At QE, we measure success in the transferable, future-ready skills that the students leave with, the ambitions they carry with them, and the positive contributions to society they will make.

Contact us

QE welcomes students from 3 months to 19 years.

Contact to book onto our open morning on 27th April 2024.

Alternatively, email to organise a private tour or visit to find out more.

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