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The Tickled Trout: a gastronomic adventure

On a frosty Wednesday evening in January, my son Jamie and I found ourselves at the doors of the Tickled Trout in Bilton in Ainsty. The quaint village setting was the perfect backdrop for a culinary experience that promised both warmth and indulgence.

Head Chef Terry Davies and Assistant Manager, Ian welcomed us, setting the stage for an evening of delightful gastronomy. The small plates section of the menu immediately caught our attention. We chose three dishes to start: the newly added Tiger Prawn Tempura with Yuzu and Miso mayonnaise accompanied by a pickle Asian slaw (£11.95); a Chicken Liver Parfait with crispy chicken skin, rhubarb, and toasted focaccia (£11.95); and the Fresh Mussels Mariniere with white wine, garlic, and cream (£12.95). Each dish was a testament to the chef’s creativity and the kitchen’s skill.

The Tiger Prawn Tempura was a revelation. The prawns were encased in a light, crispy batter that gave way to the succulent sweetness of the seafood within. The Yuzu and Miso mayonnaise was a clever touch, adding a tangy depth that complemented the prawns beautifully, while the pickle Asian slaw provided a crunchy, vinegary counterpoint that balanced the dish. Next came the Chicken Liver Parfait, a smooth, rich spread that melted on the tongue. The crispy chicken skin added a delightful contrast in texture, and the rhubarb provided a hint of tartness that cut through the richness of the parfait. The toasted focaccia was the perfect vessel, its crunch and warmth elevating the dish.

The Fresh Mussels Mariniere was a classic done right. The mussels were plump and tender, swimming in a creamy, garlicky broth that was begging to be sopped up with bread. The white wine in the sauce lent a subtle acidity that brightened the flavours, making each spoonful a joy.

For our mains, I chose the Fresh Seafood Taglioni featuring mussels, sea bass, and crevettes in a shellfish bisque with fresh tomatoes and basil (£23.95). Jamie opted for Terry’s famous Beef Wellington, accompanied by thrice-cooked chips, dressed rocket, and peppercorn sauce (£31.95).

The Seafood Taglioni was a dish that celebrated the ocean’s bounty. The pasta was cooked al dente, each strand coated in the rich, savoury bisque that was a symphony of seafood flavours. The seabass was flaky and moist, the crevettes juicy and flavourful and the mussels added a lovely texture contrast.

Jamie’s Beef Wellington was a masterpiece. The beef was cooked to perfection, its juices sealed beneath a golden, flaky pastry. The peppercorn sauce added a spicy kick that complemented the meat beautifully, while the thrice-cooked chips were a triumph of crunch and fluffiness. The dressed rocket provided a fresh, peppery note to the dish.

For dessert, we shared the Mango & White Chocolate Cheesecake with passionfruit ice cream, mango and mint salsa (£8.95). It was a refreshing end to our meal. The cheesecake was creamy and light, with the white chocolate adding a delicate sweetness. The tang of the passionfruit ice cream and the zing of the mango and mint salsa cut through the richness, creating a harmonious blend of flavours.

The Tickled Trout also boasts five double bedrooms, each themed and named after Yorkshire rivers. Our experience at the Tickled Trout was nothing short of exceptional. From the warm hospitality to the exquisite dishes, each element was thoughtfully curated. It’s a place I’d highly recommend for anyone seeking a gastronomic adventure in a cosy, welcoming setting.

Contact us

The Tickled Trout

Church St, Bilton-in-Ainsty,

York YO26 7NN.

Tel. 01423 359006

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