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Success on the Square

Kofi&Co (pronounced Koh-Phee) is causing a stir and is fast creating a name for itself on the Wetherby food scene as a café-cum-restaurant that serves up an ultimate cup of coffee alongside a menu chock full of ‘oooh it’s hard to choose just one’ dishes.

Located in a piece of prime real estate on the Market Square that has a history of housing the town’s most popular dining establishments, the brand-new independent ownership behind Kofi&Co have brought their A-game and are delivering creative food and drink that, in my humble opinion, exceeds even that of former occupiers. With two floors of seating, a rear courtyard and street-side terrace there are plentiful options to accommodate any weather or preference. I happened to walk in on a gloriously sunny day and secured a table in the courtyard which is pretty and surprisingly spacious given the central location - the perfect backdrop to meet a friend for a post lockdown catchup.

We dove straight into the menu, guided by the waitress who explained to us that the ethos powering Kofi&Co is to support the community by sourcing as much as possible from other Wetherby and Yorkshire based businesses. The menu has all your breakfast, brunch and lunch favorites, including eggs cooked all ways, a smoothie bowl, heartily stuffed breakfast burritos, deli sandwiches, burgers and a selection of sweet treats baked fresh inhouse. The options are pleasingly in-keeping with current food trends without being overly fussy and there are inclusive options for vegans and vegetarians that don’t feel like an after-thought.

I was temped by the sound of the lemon and blueberry pancakes which I have spotted being hashtagged on social media, but I was lured away by the mysteriously named ‘H Wrap’ which turned out to be the creation of and named for Kofi&Co’s owner, Harrison. My selection was affirmed when asked if I’d like a hashbrown thrown in there too… let me tell you that there are no occasions in life when one should ever decline the offer of a hashbrown, they are the most exquisite of potato-based fare.

It came and I tucked in with exclamations of joy that couldn’t be suppressed. The filling was so expertly rolled within the wrap that not one morsel fell out as I lifted it and as if this wasn’t victory enough, the taste was a celebration, with each ingredient given its moment to shine. Tender chicken fried in a buttermilk batter crunching delightfully under the tooth, juicy red tomatoes, fresh shredded lettuce, creamy homemade slaw, tangy Sriracha mayo, gooey cheese and of course, that hot hashbrown.

My dining companion, Laura, opted for a salad called the ‘Kofi bowl’ which was a rainbow of prepared vegetables and grains that radiated delicious health. We washed this down with some fresh smoothies and I had to try the house blend of coffee that’s roasted down the road in York and has sumptuous rich notes of chocolate and caramel served with milk textured to supple creaminess. I was unfortunately having a ‘dry day’ but the cocktail menu and wine list looked exciting and they serve small plates on a Friday and Saturday evening which is lucky because those are my decidedly wet days (hurrah).

You can tell I’m enthusiastic about and I am because Wetherby needed somewhere that offers speciality with sincerity and Kofi&Co does this with effortless panache and that’s nothing short of fantastic.

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday: 8am - 4.30pm.

Friday & Saturday 8am - 8.30pm.

Sunday 9am - 4pm.

Contact us


61 Market Place,

Wetherby LS22 6LN

Tel. 01937 918080


Instagram: kofiandco_

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