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Wharfe Valley growing despite adversity

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

The Kilby family have farmed the Wharfe Valley land in and around Collingham since 1969. In 1980 they opened a livery, which successfully continues today; they then diversified to include ‘pick your own’ fruit and asparagus, until the competition from foreign year round soft fruit importers increased.

In 2006 they diversified again to become Yorkshire’s first rapeseed oil producer, Wharfe Valley Farms. The brand is now well established with leading UK retailers and has grown to include a range of award winning rapeseed products including infused oils, salad dressings, fruit vinegar, sugar free mayonnaise and black truffle. They now offer popular giftpacks and gift vouchers to allow the recipient to choose their favourite Wharfe Valley products online or in the shop onsite. Since then they have also opened a stoves, hearths and outdoor dining BBQ business.

In 2020 Wharfe Valley have faced further unprecedented challenges which they have been able to successfully overcome, again through diversification. At the start of the UK lockdown the catering sector was decimated, and the bottling facility had spare capacity, which was quickly used to produce a high quality hand sanitiser to support the UK through the pandemic. This has really taken off and is now an important part of the product portfolio.

As a long established Yorkshire business who love what they do and are proud to be able to continue to produce award winning local products for their customers and to serve the community.


To purchase any of our products please find us online:

email or call 01937 572084

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