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Matt Craggs, Head Coach at Grantley Hall’s luxury ELITE Gym explores the benefits of some of the facilities’ state-of-the-art equipment.

You have some specialist equipment that can’t be found in most spas and gyms. One of these is a Cryotherapy chamber. Why did you choose to offer this at Grantley Hall?

We offer the cryotherapy chamber treatment as one of our flagship recovery treatments due to its many benefits which include the ability to accelerate muscle recovery after exercise, aid weight loss, help boost mental wellbeing and aid sleep. It is classed as a far less invasive cold therapy treatment when compared to traditional ice baths and plunge pools, making the treatment more enticing and accessible to a diverse range of clientele.

What can someone expect their experience of using a Cryotherapy chamber to be like?

Cryotherapy delivers a fully immersive cold therapy experience that leaves users feeling revitalised, renewed and invigorated. Just from the first initial session exposure, the effects can be felt for hours after the treatment, leaving one feeling an immense sense of invigoration which finally leads into a restful sleep the same night.

What benefits can Cryotherapy offer?

Cryotherapy has a vast range of benefits that can be felt by anyone from the elite athlete to the occasional gym goer. The benefits include accelerating exercise or sports recovery, improving blood circulation, reducing muscle aches and pains and improved mental and physical wellbeing.  The initial session in the cryotherapy chamber will provide the user with potential relief of any soreness in worked muscles and joints, pain relief from acute or chronic injuries along with a heightened sense of wellbeing and mental clarity. However, for optimal benefits frequent exposure is needed, especially if cryotherapy becomes part of injury treatment, or management for long term chronic pain from conditions such as arthritis.

Are there any risks or downsides from Cryotherapy, and is this suitable for most people?

Prior to using the cryotherapy chamber, guests complete a health screening form. Due to the extreme conditions that they are about the experience, the minimal downside of cryotherapy can be the onset of anxiety that some clients can occasionally experience prior to the treatment. However, our expert ELITE coaches are always on hand to provide support and calm nerves.

Is Cryotherapy a new concept or has it been around for a while under the radar?

Cryotherapy is not such a new concept; however, it has only started to become established within the health, fitness, and wellness industry over the last decade.  

I would also like to touch on your underwater treadmill. What are the benefits of using this rather than a standard treadmill?

The aim of the underwater treadmill is to provide a rehabilitation or performance tool for injured athletes, or those looking to add intensity and resistance to their current running performance programme. From a rehabilitation point of view, the underwater treadmill acts very similarly to antigravitational treadmills which allow injured athletes to return to training without the risk of further injury by reducing the weight-bearing from the body. From a performance standpoint, the user can run at speed of up to 6mph on multiple incline selections with added jets systems which increases the intensity of their running and acts like a weighted sled or prowler workout.

I hear that underwater treadmill therapy can benefit people with arthritis and they can be useful for rehabilitation, can you elaborate on this?

The underwater treadmill can benefit anyone suffering from joint problems due to its ability to reduce the weight-bearing normally associated with traditional jogging and running. Therefore, this allows those usually unable to take part in running, to commence training again.

Can anyone book to come and use these facilities?

Booking of the facilities and the cryotherapy chamber is limited for ELITE Gym members and residents of Grantley Hall. The exception to the usage of the facilities comes in the form of ELITE day packages and Three Graces Spa Day guests that are available to non-residents.

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