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Sunday Lunch at Wood Hall

The grandeur of the Wood Hall Hotel in Linton sets a majestic scene for the great British tradition of Sunday Lunch.

It’s a weekly ritual where time-honoured customs of gastronomy are celebrated. Renowned for its exceptional weekend feasts, my experience with John, a connoisseur of fine dining, was a delightful journey through their renowned Sunday Lunch menu.

The Sunday Lunch at Wood Hall is more than a meal; it’s an institution. Available across several of the hotel’s luxurious properties, it features a two or three-course menu that embodies the essence of British comfort food. The centrepiece, a quintessentially British roast, is a culinary masterpiece. Accompanied by roast potatoes, an array of fresh and roasted vegetables and a rich, hearty gravy, it elevates the Sunday dining experience. The menu’s versatility, including vegetarian options and accommodating various dietary requests, demonstrates the hotel’s commitment to inclusivity.

For starters, I opted for the Chicken liver paté, served with caramelised onion and toasted brioche. The paté was a perfect balance of smooth, rich flavours, complemented exquisitely by the sweetness of the onions and the crunch of the brioche. John’s choice was equally impressive: a curry cauliflower soup accompanied by fresh, warm focaccia. The soup, infused with the exotic flavours of curry, presented a delightful twist to the traditional starter.

For mains, I selected the roasted chicken supreme. The chicken was cooked to tender perfection, accompanied by roast potatoes that were both crispy and fluffy. The seasonal vegetables added a fresh contrast and the Yorkshire pudding was a delightful nod to tradition, all brought together with a fragrant thyme sauce. John’s roasted Yorkshire beef topside was a testament to the kitchen’s expertise. The beef was succulent and flavoursome, the vegetables a perfect accompaniment, and the Yorkshire pudding a fluffy delight. The red wine gravy added a depth of flavour that made each bite a delight.

The finalé of our meal was the dessert course. The Wood Hall sticky toffee pudding, accompanied by date puree and vanilla ice cream, was a sublime end to the meal. The pudding’s rich, sweet flavours, combined with the coolness of the ice cream, provided a perfect balance. John’s Classic Crème Brûlée, served with mascarpone cookies, was a study in texture and taste - the creamy brûlée paired beautifully with the delicate crunch of the cookies.

The dining experience was further enhanced by the sommelier’s expert wine recommendations, perfectly pairing each course with a selected wine that complemented the dish. The stylish and elegant surroundings of the dining rooms provided an atmosphere that was both luxurious and comfortable, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to our Sunday lunch.

Priced from £39 and served between noon and 2.00pm, the Sunday Lunch at Wood Hall Hotel is not just a meal; it’s an experience that encapsulates the essence of British dining traditions.

Contact us

Wood Hall Hotel

Trip Lane, Linton, Wetherby LS22 4JA.

Tel. 01937 587271

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