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Shortsighted? Keep a close eye on changes in your vision.

Working from home has meant an increase in digital screen time for many of us, including our children through home schooling, which has led to a significant increase in eye strain and may even contribute to the development of myopia, (short sightedness).

With all this time spent focusing closely on digital screens it’s understandable to be concerned about the health of your own, or your child’s, eyesight.

I recommend the following steps to my patients to help:

• Do more outdoors - try and spend at least 2 hours in natural daylight

• Limit screen time and take regular screen breaks

• Correct positions of equipment at a distance

• Book a regular and comprehensive eye examination to measure and benchmark changes

If you have noticed a change in your vision, or your child’s, then please get in touch. I can promise professional advice, a one-to-one appointment in a safe environment, taking every precaution to ensure a thorough and extensive eye examination. For a comprehensive eye examination and a wide choice of leading frames, lenses and sunglasses please contact me to make an appointment.

“As a new patient at Le-Roche Optometry, and as a health care professional myself, I have been incredibly impressed with the high level of protection afforded to me on my first visit. Right from the initial contact when making the appointment, throughout the eye examination process, to the personal service I received when my new prescription glasses were delivered to my home. Thank you for such a professional and personal service.”

Contact us

Le-Roche Optometry

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Collingham LS22 5JL

Tel. 07974 149667


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