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Q&A with Personal Trainer Melanie Copcutt from Nu Yu Fitness

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

When did you create NU YU Fitness?

January 2014. At the time, I lived in my hometown of Pontefract but within 18 months, I’d had a baby and relocated further north to Collingham, near Wetherby, where I relaunched the business for the second time. NU YU Fitness is going from strength to strength here in Wetherby and has been operating for five years.

What services does NU YU Fitness have to offer?

We are a ladies only health, fitness and wellbeing brand that focuses on providing solutions for ladies of all ages, sizes and abilities. We offer a variety of fitness classes, from ladies only bootcamps, HIIT, and boxing, to small group training sessions through to One to One Personal Training. Everything we do is ladies only - this is our USP!

Why ladies only?

I have worked in the health and fitness industry for over 22 years and have trained both male and females along the way. I just love training women as I’m a girl’s girl and find joy in working alongside like-minded ladies; so I turned my focus to understanding the female body and how to deliver training programs for ladies to get the best results. I believe it is my responsibility to create a non- intimidating environment where women can overcome their fears and begin their journey to becoming a fitter, healthier and happier version of themselves.

What is your ethos?

Above all else, I want to help to increase my clients’ confidence, health and happiness. Getting fit and strong is awesome, but if I can help someone to feel more confident, increase their quality of life and give them a platform to feel a stronger sense of self worth and love - then I have done my job.

From Jan 2021 Mel will be available offering FREE Online consultations where you can chat with her to review your current health position and create an action plan for a fitter healthier you.

Contact us

Find out more about NU YU Fitness and join our ladies only health and fitness community today.



Tel. 07463 785980


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