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Hope for Amelie

Asking for help is not something that Amelie’s family want to do but sometimes this life takes us in a direction we could never expect and their brave, resilient little girl now requires ongoing care to help her recovery.

Did you read about eight year old Amelie from Tockwith in our June edition? Amelie has HSP (Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia), which is an ultra-rare, lifelong, progressive motor neuron disease.

There is no cure for HSP but physio and surgery can help. Unfortunately, Amelie was not eligible for the surgery she needed in the UK. There has been very little help available on the NHS due to her rare condition, so Amelie’s parents were left with no option but to take her to America to have surgery to help improve her quality of life.

The surgery alone cost £60,000 and was completed successfully on the 20th May. This was only made possible by generous donations, by more than 1300 donors on her ‘gofundme’ page. Amelie is recovering well but now faces gruelling physiotherapy for at least 18 months. After remaining in hospital in America for six weeks she will come home to the UK but will not receive regular physio on the NHS. These sessions cost upwards of £75 per hour and must be completely self funded. Amelie has a long road ahead of her but now has the best chance of being independently mobile after learning to walk again from scratch.

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For more information on how to help Amelie search ‘hope for Amelie’


Alternatively, go directly to Amelie’s GoFundMe page:

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