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Fostering future readiness through comprehensive initiatives

Head of College, Steven Turner, explains how Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate (QE) in North Yorkshire prepares its students for successful futures in an uncertain and ever-changing world.

QE takes pride in fostering future readiness in our students through instilling transferable life skills, providing the mindset needed to thrive and inspiring them to become lifelong learners that make a positive difference to our community and to society.

This year, we introduced the Stretch and Challenge Programme and the Whole School Revision Project, which has enabled our students to develop vital life skills, including mental agility, resilience, teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking, and effective study habits. These initiatives have not only prepared our students for a rapidly changing future but have also empowered them to become well-rounded and successful individuals.

Our Stretch and Challenge Programme goes beyond the confines of the classroom, encouraging students to seek opportunities that enrich their learning journey and foster a lifelong passion for knowledge. This includes attending industry professional and alumni lectures, entering internal and external competitions, and partaking in both personal and group research projects. This year saw a first place in the ISA Photography, Monologue, and Young Musician of the Year, 11 Elite Awards at the Oxford University Computing Challenge, two Maclaurian mathematicians, 27 Gold Awards at the Science Olympiads, and a prestigious Roentgenium award in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge. In addition, one student had his business research paper on the ‘Motivations of Impulse Buying of Luxury Goods’ published by Atlantis Press. It is through this approach of developing students’ interests and achievements beyond the curriculum that we distinguish our students from their peers, provide opportunities to challenge themselves with hands-on experience and equip them with essential future-ready skills.

The Whole School Revision Project takes a research-led approach to develop the most efficient revision techniques for our students, so they are prepared to retain knowledge, apply critical thinking skills, and excel in examinations not just in the immediate future but for life. By revolutionising our students’ approach to revision with effective methods such as Cornell notes, flashcards, and blank page retrieval, we have been able to empower them to become future-ready individuals. The project also developed leadership skills among 27 Student Ambassadors who promoted the project to their peers. The impact of this project is evident through student feedback, with 43% of students expressing increased focus and dedication to their revision and through results with 79% achieving A*/A at A-Levels.

Nestled in 220 acres of countryside between Harrogate and York, QE is a co-educational day and boarding school for students from 3 months to 19 years known for its academic success and state-of-the-art facilities. A set of four ‘family-feel’ schools linked together as one ‘Team QE’, the collegiate hosts a dynamic community of aspirational, future-ready learners, who feel a real sense of belonging.

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