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Feel Electric

EMS Training

• Visible Results In 6 Weeks

• Just One 20 Minute Workout Per Week

• Personal Trainer Led Sessions

• Low Impact Workouts, Anyone Can Do

• Activates 98% Of Muscle Fibres

• Delivers A Full Body Workout

• Weight Loss and Slimming Programmes

• Programmes To Support Increased Mobility Through Muscle Regeneration

• Scientifically Proven Results

• 85% More Effective Than Traditional Gym Workouts

• One EMS Session is Equal to A 2-Hour HIIT Workout

• Includes In Body Health MOT Worth £50


As a former Leeds United Ladies footballer Sarah Morgan-Paul is fully aware of the health benefits of regular exercise. But in her mid-fifties it’s not easy to keep the weight off, even for a naturally active woman like Sarah. In the past she’d tried to lose weight many times but when she’d get on the scales, she’d find little change to her weight. With EMS training though Sarah’s now found workouts that target weight loss more effectively and that she can fit into an already busy lifestyle. After only three EMS sessions, she saw clear improvements in her body shape. “The miracle of miracles has happened today, I’ve lost weight, for the first time in I can’t even tell you.” Sarah has not only benefitted physically but also expressed the mental benefits “I feel happy now after that session, that’s something I’ve found when I come in here, as well as the physical benefits it’s the mental benefits for me”.


An active woman in her thirties Jennie enjoys running and lifting weights at the gym. Though sometimes she’s found it difficult to find the time for exercise as “my social life took over.” When Jennie started her EMS training she loved the idea of short sessions but wasn’t sure that they would be more effective than conventional exercise. All she needed to be convinced was just one workout. “After my first session I felt muscles that I didn’t even knew I had”. She still “can’t quite understand how much I sweat after only a 20-minute-long workout.” With EMS Jennie’s found a workout where every body part is worked hard which she doesn’t get through her conventional training. She’s “intrigued” to see how EMS helps her firm her body but after only a few sessions she’s starting to feel the benefits “ my arms are feeling more toned after my sessions each week”.

Charlotte (Editor)

After hearing the hype, I decided to try this myself. EMS (electro muscle stimulation) was a completely new concept to me. I had no idea what to expect, but I felt reassured and excited to start after an initial discussion with my qualified personal trainer who stays with me throughout each session. It’s all taken at an individual’s pace and is low impact. Each session only lasts for 20 minutes so it’s very time effective for me. Since I started, I have noticed my thighs, bum and upper arms feel firmer and I always feel energised after a session. I love the feeling of happy endorphins you get post workout and always leave energised with a spring in my step. I also feel stronger since I have started my sessions here. Apparently 20 mins here can be the equivalent of a two-hour HIIT workout, and they claim you can burn up to 500 calories per single EMS session. Oh, and the studio is small with few people, so it never feels overwhelming.

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Feel Electric

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Tel. 0113 524 6299

75 Leeds Road,

Harrogate HG2 8BE

Tel. 01423 642818

Horsforth, York & Sheffield opening early 2022

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