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Favourite sounds

As the world begins, slowly, but surely to reopen. I wanted to share some of my favourite sounds of lockdown, and some of the sounds I am most looking forward to hearing again.

In our darkest months it was the applause; standing on our front doorsteps with the rest of our village. Children bashing spoons in pans, the occasional cheer, as we celebrated the work of our amazing NHS. Daily exercise also reintroduced us to bird song; the blackbirds and thrushes that would accompany the rustle of leaves, and crack of ice underfoot.

But the sounds I am looking forward to the most? The gurgle of my friend’s new baby, that I’m yet to meet. The sound of children in the playground. Families back together in the park. The background rumble in my favourite restaurants, as plates and cutlery clatter, and friends reunite. The murmur that comes from a beer garden, the booming sound of the cinema. A different kind of applause, the kind that echoes a little from the inside of the theatre.

All those subtle sounds I once took for granted are the ones I am most excited to hear again. Because for me, it’s sound that brings depth and colour to our lives. 

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