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Discover hidden treasures at Stafford Hall Antiques

The word ‘antiques’ can conjure an image of a fusty shop full of brown furniture. However, the rise of boutique-like antique shops is giving online marketplaces a run for their money.

Excelle catches up with David Hall, owner of Stafford Hall Antiques and Vintage, in the beautiful market town of Wetherby, to hear how childhood curiosity evolved into a career.

“My passion for antiques and vintage has always played a part in my life”, says David,

“Whether in the form of classic cars or mechanical watches, it started as a young boy observing my grandfather’s interest for finding out about an object’s past. A painting or antique for example, might have been gathering dust in someone’s attic because it was ruined somehow. I like that;

it reveals character. Its future is guaranteed for that reason - that’s some of the value of an

object’s past.”

Stafford Hall Antiques and Vintage’s new store is located on Cross Street, Wetherby, in a

charming period building that suits the collection of antiques perfectly. After studying Interior Design in Leeds, then working within the industry, David moved to work with quality jewellery, later to run his own pre-owned watch business whilst moving closer to setting up the current antiques and vintage shop. He says: “I’m not sure it is possible to formally train as a dealer; what is most important is the passion. If it’s something you wish to pursue as a career, you’ll work things out as you go.

“We have just been filmed, to be aired soon, on BBC Antiques Road Trip which was exciting and will be great for us and local businesses.”

“When we see something unusual, that’s the trigger, it’s visceral. Although I like certain styles,

I’m not defined by period. This is why we have an eclectic mix of antiques, collectables, coins, watches, jewellery, antiquarian, paintings, and statement pieces of vintage jewellery; they appeal to our customers who are as diverse as our collections.”

Visit Stafford Hall Antiques and Vintage to discover the extraordinary beauty and refined elegance of items from a bygone era. Often hand-made by skilled craftsmen you’re sure to discover something magical, unparalleled by modern design and with a fascinating past that could also be a sound investment.

Contact us

Stafford Hall Antiques and Vintage

Sapphire House, 6 Cross Street,

Wetherby LS22 6RD

Tel. 01937 587666

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