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An interview with Andy Boocock who has been wearing the Lyric hearing aid for 3 years.

The Phonak Lyric is also known as the contact lens for the ear. Sitting just 4mm away from the ear drum Lyric is worn 24/7 for 8 weeks at a time. You can swim, sleep and shower whilst wearing them.

Andy has 30 years front line NHS service working as a paramedic, a nurse in intensive care, coronary care and for the past 15 years in Accident and Emergency. He considers himself to be a music mad, rock ‘n’ roller, still playing bass in a band. He is also a published model, brand ambassador and promoter. He loves to live life to the full!

How long was it between thinking you were struggling with your hearing, and actually doing something about it?

I’ve been aware of it for five years and did something about it three years ago. I didn’t fully realise how bad things were because it deteriorated quite slowly.

What did you expect from your visit to the Hearing Suite and did anything surprise you?

I didn’t know what to expect. The setting is not at all clinical. It is very tranquil and calming. Emily, the Director of Audiology, made me feel very relaxed. It was the first time I’d had a detailed consultation and I gained an invaluable understanding of my hearing because she explained everything so well.

Can you tell me what happened at your consultation?

I was able to spend time talking to Emily, the Audiologist, about my lifestyle, my concerns and hopes regarding my hearing. She tested my hearing and then discussed the results, offering various solutions which would best suit me. I chose to trial the Lyric. It is known as ‘the contact lens for the ear’. It fits in the ear canal and is therefore invisible. It suited me very well.

I can swim and shower with them in and they don’t get in the way of glasses, headphones or masks and the sound quality is great. I was grateful to be able to trial hearing aids before deciding which were best for me.

How have the hearing aids changed your life?

I can now hear clearly and join in conversations with confidence again.

The Hearing Suite Team have made a huge difference in my life. Nothing is ever too much trouble. The service is excellent and they always go above and beyond

my expectations.

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