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Why choose Cleancore UK to clean your property?

Cleancore UK understand how much your property means to you and will do everything it takes to protect it, leaving you 100% satisfied with the results.

Their small team consists of hard working, professional exterior cleaners who are dedicated to delivering the best possible service. They are a small independent, family run business who rely on fantastic word of mouth. They consider going above and beyond what is expected as standard procedure.They simply believe that they’re the best at what they do.

Patio paving

Perhaps you love to clean your own paving but you’d like a one-off professional clean to remove those stubborn stains and to make maintenance easier, or maybe you simply want your paving to look fantastic with no effort required from you. Either way, they have you covered. Their steam-cleaning flat surface cleaners gently make light work of even the most stubborn build up of organic matter. Their high-powered turbo nozzle will cut through thick weeds to ensure all areas are immaculate.

Block paving

Once your block paving has thoroughly dried out, they will return to replace the kiln-dried sand between each block by brushing it around and allowing the sand to fall all the way down between each block. This adds stability to your drive and prevents the blocks from moving over time.

Stone, Brick or Render

If you take a quick look at the exterior of your property it’s likely that you will find moss, algae, mildew, lichen and other organic staining on the walls. It is very important to clean building materials with the utmost care and attention, to prevent any unnecessary damage. When they survey your property, they will determine exactly which method is required and talk you through the processes involved.

Gutter cleaning plan

Gutter cleaning should be something that you shouldn’t have to worry about. After your first visit they will arrange an annual plan to return and keep those gutters free flowing.

To find out more visit their Facebook or Instagram pages - Cleancore UK.

They have every confidence that you will like what you see.

Contact us

Cleancore UK

Chad. 07735 529727

Lisa. 07447 421993


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