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Transform your garden with Fitrite Fencing and Decking

Based in Doncaster, Fitrite is the largest manufacturer and installer of uPVC fencing, decking and balustrades for residential and commercial customers in the UK.

Fitrite products are different to others in the industry, in that they are designed and manufactured with the environment in mind; contain recycled products and are also fully recyclable. Fitrite products require no trees to be felled and are eco-conscious in their design with no toxic chemicals used. As a result, Fitrite residential decking installations are the alternative that will help you get closer to your carbon-neutral goal. Their boards don’t rot or decay, providing a long-lasting finish.

A huge benefit of the range Fitrite offer is that they require very little maintenance and no varnishing, painting, sealing or staining. They are completely water-resistant, therefore they won’t become mouldy or decay, and they are extremely easy to clean - meaning you can use your garden all year round.

In the UK we experience a lot of varied weather and because of this you might not feel like spending time in your garden during certain months of the year. However, the slip-resistant qualities of the Fitrite decking installations mean that you can use your deck during or after wet weather, without the fear of it being a slip hazard. This slip and water resistance makes Fitrite deckboards perfect for use beside swimming pools and hot tubs and are also ideal for constructing entrance ramps and steps to increase accessibility without compromising on safety or style. If you are thinking of revamping your outside space, call Fitrite - they look after you from the first thoughts and inspiration, right through to the design, planning and installation. There are plenty of colours and designs to suit all tastes, plus a great range of lighting and accessories to complete your look.

Relax and let Fitrite take the stress out of your garden transformation as they create an amazing bespoke outdoor living area that is safe and virtually maintenance free. Included in the service are professional CAD illustrations so you can see how the finished job will look before it’s even started. On top of this, they offer 10 years warranty, 0% finance and a ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ scheme.

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Fitrite Fencing & Decking

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Tel. 0800 3047163

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