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Take a GOOD LOOK at Le-Roche Optometry

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Since opening in 2017 Michelle Le-Roche has created a friendly, professional and truly personal optometry service.

She takes the time, during the hour-long eye examination, to listen and understand each patient’s unique situation. This can only be achieved because, each time they visit, they see the same optometrist and have a thorough consultation. Michelle recognizes that people are feeling anxious due to the pandemic, however, the appointment only service she operates supports maintaining a safe environment, whilst the village location offers plenty of space to ensure social distancing. Being independent is a big advantage as Le-Roche Optometry has been able to quickly and effectively adapt their procedures, and truly can put patient safety first.

Keeping a keen eye on your vision!

Using state of the art technology and 20 years optical expertise, Michelle closely benchmarks changes in her patient’s vision to reveal any potential issues. A regular eye examination can lead to early detection and effective treatment of serious eye conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Helping you look and feel good!

Not only does Le-Roche Optometry offer a comprehensive eye examination, patients have the opportunity to bring their prescription from other optician’s, and can book an appointment for a styling consultation at any time. They offer one to one professional advice on how to look and feel good in new eyewear, based, not only on your prescription, but also, to suit your style aspirations and lifestyle. You’ll also find a wide range of sunglasses, lenses and contact lenses.

The shelves are adorned with leading optical brands, from the classic elegance of Chanel, to the cool confidence of Tom Ford. If you want a sporty style Revo fits the bill, otherwise the iconic British designer William Morris might be more up your street. There is something for every budget including an economical Le-Roche range!

Le-Roche Optometry care - with a single vision - to help you look after yours!

Contact us

Le-Roche Optometry

1-2 Elizabeth Court,

Collingham LS22 5JL

07974 149667

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