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Right-size your home to help with the rising cost of living

An increasing number of older people are embracing the choice to ‘right-size’ their home for their changing life circumstances looking to retirement villages or apartments as a positive option.

We all choose places to live based on where we are in life, whether it’s that first student flat or a ‘forever’ family home. But as you get older, or after your children have left home, you do start to think ‘do I need all of this space?’ or more importantly ‘can I still manage in my current home - is it right for what I need now?’

Every day UK headlines are also highlighting the ongoing challenges around the rising cost-of-living. People are really feeling the impact of increasing bills especially for heating and electricity. Many older people have expressed real concern about how they might manage the ongoing costs associated with running their own home. Planning ahead, researching your options and making the move to a new home before any moment of crisis happens is empowering - it puts you in control of the choice and decision of where to enjoy living in later life.

Buying a retirement home means you can: free up capital - allowing you to better enjoy your post-working years; stay on the property ladder by still owning your own home - one that fits your needs now; benefit from ‘no-worries’ maintenance of your property or garden; feel secure; meet new friends and enjoy companionship from neighbours at a similar life stage to yourself; and stay together as a couple if that is your requirement.

Another vital benefit is the added package of care and support which is sometimes available at these locations. Westward Care is one such local care provider. They offer a full package of care and support at both of their retirement locations in Headingley and Roundhay. You can purchase your own home and utilise the 24/7 care and support on-site if or when you need it. With fully trained and qualified staff they are there to help - but if you don’t need it you don’t pay for it. Apartment owners say the reassurance this brings is priceless.

You have your own front door, you live independently, all have kitchen facilities so you can continue to cook for yourself (or dine in the on-site restaurant if you prefer). All the apartments are fully accessible and designed to make life easier in later life. You’ll no longer have to worry about things such as the tiles falling off the roof. They look after the heating system, the electrical system, as well as carrying out maintenance, window cleaning, and even do the gardening. It is a ‘no worries’ package.

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Moving In Offer: No Utility Bills for 12 Months Interested in finding out more?

Book your personal tour of either location by calling Helen on 0113 331 4830.

Southlands Retirement Apartments in Roundhay or Headingley Hall (Shire Oak Rd) are available.

Visit for more details.

Don’t forget to quote ‘EXCELLE’ when you enquire to benefit from this offer if you decide to make the move.

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