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Quality in education

Independent schools can help pupils reach their full potential academically, and as an individual. Our advice is to do your research, visit the school and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Choosing a school that’s right for your child

By Tony Jackson, Headmaster at Barnard Castle School

At ‘Barney’, we place enormous emphasis on ensuring each and every pupil feels a sense of belonging; only then will they come close to maximising their potential.

Our students exceed their academic potential in an easy, open and respectful environment at the heart of which are the caring relationships that exist between the teachers and students. However, we tell them that academic success will only open a door; it is what they do when they walk through that door that counts.

As such, we pride ourselves on our co-curricular activities because it is in these environments that most life lessons are learned, all built up over a period of time both within and beyond the classroom. Situated on the outskirts of Barnard Castle, we operate an extensive transport service and provide full or flexible boarding options in our friendly, welcoming boarding houses.

If you are interested in hearing more about the School, please contact the Admissions Team

on 01833 696030 or

York School inspiring confident young women

“I am a real advocate for The Mount School as I recognise how it has shaped me as a person. I have gained determination, personality, a wonderful education but most of all confidence,” summed up Abigail as she prepared to leave The Mount School for university last summer.

The Mount School York has a strong reputation for producing a very special kind of young woman: mature, quietly confident, comfortable being herself and compassionate. This can often be attributed to the school’s all-girl setting and strong Quaker ethos. Former pupils of The Mount tell us why they believe The Mount inspires confident young women.

“After joining The Mount my confidence grew massively. The all-girl environment means everything is more relatable. Surrounded by like-minded individuals, you can just be yourself,” explains Denva who joined The Mount for Sixth Form and is now completing a degree apprenticeship in Veterinary Medicine.

“I’ve always been outspoken, but The Mount and the Quaker ethos changed my perspective. I am aware of others and motivated to work hard and do my best,” adds Rosa.

“Life inside the classroom is tailored to you and your way of learning; this is achievable by the small class sizes and the close relationship with teachers. The Mount is empowering it provides you with strength and support to take on the world!” enthuses Georgia. “The Mount without a doubt will encourage and push all your individualities and strengths. Regardless of what you want to achieve the all-girl Quaker ethos will encourage you to go for it,” sums up Alicia.

To find out more about The Mount School visit

Tumble Tots

Give your little bundle of energy the best start in life by bringing them to Tumble Tots fun activity classes! Children can explore and develop their physical skills by climbing, balancing, jumping, and rolling on their brightly coloured bespoke equipment.

Encouraging little ones to get moving at an early age whilst having fun helps them grow up to be happy and healthy and is proven to enhance brain development. They offer sessions tailored to the needs of babies from six months up to school age, giving children the chance to socialise and make friends with others their own age. By attending weekly, you will see your little one flourish and take joy in seeing their confidence soar!

They run classes during term time: Tuesdays at Boston Spa Village Hall; Thursdays at Westcliffe Hall, Harrogate and Fridays at Moor Allerton Sports & Social Centre.

You can contact them on 07734 375077.

Gateways: Early Years focus

Gateways is an independent day school for children aged 2-18 years, offering education from Early Years right through to Sixth Form.

They are based on a 16-acre site in Harewood village. There is very much a ‘family-feel’ at Gateways and they are known for their small class sizes; their average class size is between 14-18 pupils. In their nursery (the Gatehouse) there is a ratio of four children to one member of staff and in Pre-Reception the ratio is eight children to one member of staff.

As well as benefitting from their own indoor and outdoor play areas, their Early Years children have access to whole school facilities such as the dance studio, dining hall and sports facilities, not forgetting our extensive grounds!

From age three, children can also join their extra-curricular activities including Rugbytots, Spanish and musical theatre dance classes which are delivered in school by professionals.

If you would like to have a personal tour of their Early Years provision, visit to book online, or contact Admissions on 0113 288 6345.

It’s an exciting time for girls to grow up

Heidi-Jayne Boyes, Head of Wakefield Girls’ High School, shares how the skills needed can be cultivated.

Empowerment and leadership To know your potential, is to know your value. At Wakefield Girls’ empowerment is the foundation for success. An all girls’ setting is advantageous as every opportunity is for a girl. The accomplishments of predecessors are all around to see, providing inspirational role models so students ‘see it to be it’ as they grow.

A holistic educationWhile academic excellence is important, having opportunities to develop strengths is key. For this reason we offer girls over 90 extra-curricular options weekly, a Pathways To Success program and plenty of leadership roles.

Perseverance and determination Every student is on their own journey and a good school will guide, providing each with knowledge and understanding to overcome challenges and educate to transform deliberation and anxiety into moments of self-advocation and confidence.

Empathy Camaraderie positively impacts a girls’ ability to learn. Understanding and listening are important lessons, encouraging students to care about themselves and others. Self-reflection is also key for success - we teach our students that to fail, is to learn.

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