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Olivia Grace a haven of fashion excellence

Nestled in the heart of Wetherby, Olivia Grace transcends the traditional definition of a boutique. It stands as a testament to exceptional fashion - a curated collection of reknowned brands like Marc Cain and Marella, ensuring every visit leaves you with a piece of sartorial excellence.

With an unwavering eye on the latest trends, they offer more than just a shopping experience; they provide a welcoming, laid-back environment that feels like home. Since the launch of their website, they’ve seen a dedicated following of fashion enthusiasts spring up, not just from the local community, but from all corners of the globe.

Among recent acquisitions, Dea Kubidal, a Danish luxury fashion brand, captures the attention. It elegantly marries style with comfort, utilizing only the finest fabrics. Meanwhile, BRGN coats epitomise the seamless blend of fashion and functionality, providing waterproof outerwear for every conceivable occasion. The Red Button trouser collection from Amsterdam is another jewel in the crown, renowned for its impeccable fit and versatile designs - all remarkably priced at an accessible £69.

Their offerings extend beyond apparel, with a unique selection of semi-precious jewellery, showcasing iCandi Rocks from Barbados and Caroline Svedbom from Sweden. They’re equally elated to be the exclusive stockist of Tissa Fontaneda handbags, known for their soft leather ‘bubble bags’ that have become an iconic signature.

For those in pursuit of the perfect gift, Ortigia Sicilia, a luxurious Italian brand, offers a sensory journey unparalleled. From opulent soaps to entrancing scents and candles, each item is meticulously packaged and promises a fragrant delight.

The triumph of Olivia Grace is not only the result of their carefully curated collections, but also a testament to the support of their loyal customers and the dedication of their exceptional team.

We believe that fashion is more than just attire - it’s an experience, an opportunity to express individuality and celebrate personal style. Every piece in their boutique carries a story, and every visit feels like a return home. Embark on this sartorial journey with them, where style knows no boundaries, and confidence reigns supreme.

Contact us

23 Market Place,

Wetherby LS22 6LQ

Tel. 01937 585429

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