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An introduction to Rainwater Terrace

Design 4 Plastics are a local design company based on Thorp Arch Estate. They have been designing and developing products for clients in many industries for over 40 years, but back in 2012 they had an idea they thought worthy of taking to market themselves.

That bright idea was Rainwater Terrace, a water butt like no other that solved all the problems that traditional water butts are famous for:

• They can become smelly,

• Their taps are very slow to fill watering cans and are always leaking and

• They are notoriously ugly - ever wondered where the phrase “butt ugly” came from?

Rainwater Terrace is a modular system comprising a series of individual 67 litre water butts that stack together and connect sideways to suit any garden, patio, shed or greenhouse, front or back. It collects rainwater from your downpipe and the patented system causes it to cascade through the whole terrace filling all the water butts and watering plants in the clip-on planters as it goes. Once the bottom butt is filled, any excess water is directed back to the drain so when it rains the water is refreshed and stagnation is avoided.

The traditional tap has been replaced by drain tubes on each level with a tap on the end. These are transparent so you can see how much water you have left. And they are fast enough to fill a watering can in 20 seconds. Best of all, Rainwater Terrace looks great bedecked with flowers, herbs or even veggies, so you don’t have to hide it away. You don’t even need a garden, just a downpipe. It can be set up as a raised bed for the kids to enjoy and there’s a drip irrigation kit to water planters. Manufactured in the UK using recyclable plastics.

Contact us

Design 4 Plastics Ltd

402 Birch Park, Thorp Arch Estate, Wetherby LS23 7FG.

Tel. 01937 845176



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