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A Mediterranean culinary journey

In the heart of Spofforth there is a culinary gem: Spofforth Bistro. Under the expert stewardship of Moses, the proprietor, this Mediterranean haven promises a gastronomic adventure.

Eager to sample their offerings, my partner and I embarked on a delightful culinary journey. Trish started our culinary experience with the Calamari Frito (£8.50). The dish showcased fresh calamari enveloped in a light, crisp batter - a true testament to the restaurant’s commitment to quality ingredients. Served with the chef’s special garlic sauce, every bite was an exquisite fusion of flavours, delivering a perfect balance of texture and taste. I opted for the Arancini Beef (£6.95), a dish I had heard great things about. Served in a rich tomato chili sauce, the arancini was a symphony of flavours. Each bite revealed perfectly cooked rice, generously stuffed with succulent beef, enveloped in a crisp, golden exterior. The sauce added a delightful spicy kick, elevating the dish to a crescendo of taste.

For the main course, I chose the Linguini ai Frutti di Mare (£15.95), a classic seafood pasta dish. The linguini, cooked to perfection, provided the ideal canvas for the symphony of mixed shellfish, garlic, chili, white wine, and tomato sauce. The marriage of flavours was harmonious, allowing the natural sweetness of the shellfish to shine through, while the sauce added a subtle kick of heat, creating a dish that was both comforting and invigorating.

Trish, meanwhile, opted for the Duck Breast (£18.95), a dish that promised a delightful play of flavours and textures. Served on a parsnip purée with rosemary potatoes, sweet potato cake, honey-glazed carrots, cherry tomatoes, and cherry jus, this dish was a work of culinary art. The duck, cooked to a perfect blush, exuded tenderness, while the parsnip puree provided a creamy contrast. The sweet potato cake was a revelation - its subtle sweetness beautifully complemented the savoury components of the dish. Every element on the plate spoke of precision and expertise.

To accompany our meal, we chose a bottle of Pulpo Sauvignon Blanc (£19.95). Its crisp, refreshing notes provided an excellent accompaniment, enhancing the flavours of our dishes and underscoring the expertise of the bistro’s sommelier.

Our experience at Spofforth Bistro was nothing short of exceptional. Moses and his team have crafted a menu that pays homage to Mediterranean flavours while infusing each dish with a unique twist. The culinary journey was marked by impeccable execution, a testament to the kitchen’s dedication to the craft. The warm ambiance and attentive service further elevated our dining experience.

In the heart of Spofforth, a culinary haven has emerged, inviting patrons to embark on a journey of taste and texture. With Moses at the helm, Spofforth Bistro promises a Mediterranean culinary sojourn that is not to be missed. Each dish tells a story of passion and expertise, leaving diners with memories of a truly exceptional dining experience.

Contact us

1 Castle Street, Spofforth,

Harrogate HG3 1AP.

Tel. 07961 620985

Open: Wednesday-Sunday from 4pm.

Roast dinners available Sundays.

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