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How to create a show-stopping bathroom

Easy Bathrooms & Tiles 


In 2020, homeowners have much higher expectations of their homes than even five or ten years ago. People want - and demand - better quality, better design and better functionality than ever before.

This can be said for all rooms of the home, but in particular bathrooms. We spend increasing amounts of time in the bathroom, whether it’s to relax, to get ready or to ablute. So, not only does it need to look the part, it needs to suit our lifestyle demands too. And, on the whole, we’re becoming more daring in our choices too. You only need to scroll Instagram or Pinterest for a few minutes to see the bold colours and unique tile choices that people now opt for.

But when it comes to designing your own bathroom, it’s important to not be swayed by others’ choices and go for something that you’ll fall in love with over and again.

In the eight years since it was founded in Leeds, Easy Bathrooms has seen it all, from pared-back minimal bathrooms, to bright, boujee bathrooms and everything in between. The company, which now has 58 showrooms across the UK, recently opened a new store in Seacroft, Leeds, which has 65 displays filled to the brim with inspirational products and tiles for every style. So, it begs the question, how do you find your own style when there are so many different beautiful options available? 

Duncan Polson, who is manager at Easy Bathrooms’ showroom in Seacroft, understands that it isn’t always easy. 

His advice? “Browse, browse, browse,” he says. “The more images you see, the better. It is easy to become bewildered with so much choice, but I think it’s a good idea to look online and build up a ‘bank’ of inspirational images you enjoy. “I’d also suggest visiting a showroom to get a feel for lots of different products. From this stage, you will often know whether you prefer traditional or modern, and you can start to bring a few ideas together. I would always advise speaking to a professional who may be able to suggest things you hadn’t even thought of.”


Of course, there are other considerations to factor in too, such as budgets and layout constraints. “The best piece of advice I could give to someone is to measure your bathroom accurately, draw out a floor plan and bring it to us. In our stores, we can draw up a 3D design of your bathroom and figure out what will fit and what won’t. It’s completely free and you have no obligation to buy anything, so it’s definitely worth doing. It builds up a good picture of what’s possible, and we can help bring things in within your budget - whilst still achieving a high-end look.”


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