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Elevating homes: the benefits of orangeries and sunrooms

In the quest for home improvement, individuals explore various options like conservatories, extensions, and orangeries. When considering an investment, it’s crucial to evaluate the benefits in terms of space, aesthetics, and added value. For many, creating an additional space that seamlessly integrates with their existing home while providing year-round comfort is a top priority.

Orangeries and sunrooms emerge as top contenders, offering distinctive advantages, particularly in terms of thermal efficiency. These spaces combine a highly insulated flat roof with high-performance, self-cleaning roof glazing, ensuring they remain comfortable and usable throughout the year.

Orangeries have long been associated with a touch of grandeur, adding a sense of opulence to a home. Unlike some conservatories that may suffer from issues like drafts, temperature control, insulation, and glare, orangeries provide a more refined and enduring solution. Bowers & Nellis, a leading expert in orangeries, recognizes that homeowners seek a highly specified enhancement to their homes. Recent trends show an increasing preference for orangeries over conservatories due to the benefits they offer, including year-round use, enhanced beauty, and improved aesthetics. Orangeries add a touch of distinction, providing a look of luxury both inside and out, thereby promising a solid return on investment.

While many orangeries flood the market, none can offer the level of guaranteed reassurance provided by Bowers & Nellis. The company boasts a patented system that not only complies with all building regulations but also offers structural advantages over alternative options. This patented cassette system is proven and guaranteed to withstand a one-tonne wind load, a feat no other system can match.

With each project backed by structural calculations and 3D design plans, investors gain not only aesthetic appeal but also structural advantages unique to orangeries supplied by Bowers & Nellis. Furthermore, the elimination of project management, thanks to a single-trade approach, means faster completion and reduced costs for investors.

Originally designed for growing exotic plants, orangeries have evolved to become modern extensions that exude character. Today, they serve as inviting spaces for entertainment and relaxation, regardless of the weather outside. Their distinctive style provides a warm and welcoming environment, acting as a focal point in any home.

Orangeries possess a timeless charm that marries classic elements with modern comforts. With their substantial columns, pilasters, and elegant details, they stand as a testament to luxurious living. The combination of brick or stone walls with extensive glazing strikes a balance between insulation and a light, airy atmosphere.

Cleverly positioned skylights and lanterns with thermally efficient glass units offer glimpses of the sky without the discomfort of excessive heat. Ultimately, orangeries seamlessly integrate with existing homes, creating a harmonious blend of traditional charm and contemporary living.

Paul Nellis, Managing Director at Bowers & Nellis, emphasizes, “Today, an orangery is a luxurious room tailored to your personal style, adding a touch of class. For those investing in space, an orangery is the epitome of opulence, providing a room that's comfortable and inviting year-round”.

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