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bsafe - let it become the new normal

Based in Harrogate and manufactured in Yorkshire, bsafe has been created by busy working mum of two, Lucy McGill.

bsafe is a range of alcohol-free products, protecting against 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses without any stickiness, residue or need for water. Its natural formula is kind to even the most sensitive hands, leaving skin silky smooth and germ-free for 2+ hours.

Like everyone in March 2020, Lucy and her children were using run of the mill sanitiser to keep themselves protected against Covid-19. As eczema sufferers, her children were soon complaining of sore and cracked hands. As well as founding bsafe, Lucy is the Environmental Director at OPEC Ltd, a Yorkshire based supplier of oil pollution equipment and solutions. Lucy knew that with her industry contacts, scientific knowledge and passion for the environment, she could create a range of products that were kind-to-skin, alcohol free and provided protection from germs, bacteria and viruses. bsafe’s natural formula contains benzalkonium chloride to kill bacteria and viruses. Benzalkonium chloride is substantive (it sticks), which means it provides continued disinfection effect after application. Only 0.1% of benzalkonium chloride can kill 99.99% of bacteria. Once applied, your hands are protected from germs, bacteria and viruses for 2+ hours.

The common misconception is that hand sanitisers must contain alcohol in order to kill the germs and bacteria - but this is not the case. With the wonder ingredient of benzalkonium chloride - the bsafe formula breaks down the outer surface of the bacteria in exactly the same way as isopropanol and ethanol do, but it is a LOT gentler on the skin, safer for children and kinder to the environment. What’s more, hand sanitisers using benzalkonium chloride protect you for longer, leaving a residual film on your hands, offering protection against germs and viruses for up to two hours, compared to alcohol hand sanitisers which only protect for a couple of minutes. This means you can be confident you are safe as you touch surface to surface and as you don’t need to apply it as often, you don’t need to buy it as often either - definitely a win!

These claims have recently been backed up by a study carried out by the Brigham Young University in America and has been published in the Journal of Hospital Infection. The study finds that alcohol-free hand sanitiser is just as effective at disinfecting surfaces from the Covid-19 virus as alcohol-based products.

“Our results indicate that alcohol-free hand sanitizer works just as well, so we could, maybe even should, be using it to control Covid,” said lead study author Benjamin Ogilvie.

Unlike its alcohol counterpart, bsafe’s alcohol-free hand sanitiser doesn’t dry out your hands by stripping away the natural oils on the skin that retain moisture. Skin is therefore left silky smooth and that’s due to the aloe vera in the bsafe products. Furthermore, alcohol-free hand sanitiser is generally much kinder to skin, making it suitable for children and anyone else who may have sensitive skin. It’s also non-flammable making bsafe super safe for children. Their children’s product ‘Little Hands’ is perfume-free. And if all that wasn’t enough, bsafe products have been confirmed as vegan-friendly and cruelty-free too!

Lucy says: “We are so excited about the bsafe products – we have received fantastic feedback from people who have made the switch from alcohol hand sanitiser to our bsafe products. They say the difference in their skin condition is amazing, that they feel protected from germs and bacteria and are confident for their children to use it and stay safe.”

So, with regular hand washing and hand sanitising now becoming the norm, especially as we finally start to emerge from what feels like the longest winter ever, it’s more important now than ever to be using alcohol-free, protective hand sanitiser.

The response to the new products has been so positive that Lucy is busy creating new products to ensure we can bsafe all around the home!

London Imperial Oud Hand Sanitiser (£9.99 for 100ml) is the latest product to hit the shelves. Made with the same chemistry as the core bsafe range, it has an added ingredient of Oud which leaves your hands feeling luxurious and smelling, well, absolutely amazing! Oud contains warm, spicy bergamot berry oil, amber, frankincense and sandalwood. which evokes a deep woody scent. No more need for expensive fragranced hand creams! Oud has long been used by Royalty in the Middle East as premium gifts for special events as well as peace offerings during trade missions and cultural exchanges. In the past few years Oud has developed a following in the UK with perfumiers proudly using this luxurious ingredient in their own branded perfumes.

Due to its unique fragrance and extraction process, Oud has gained popularity among royals, celebrities and artisans worldwide searching for fragrances that take the senses to a new level. It has become synonymous with a scent of utmost quality, layering, depth and premium sophistication. Of London Imperial Oud Hand Sanitiser, Lucy says, “This product is unique - it keeps you protected from germs, bacteria and viruses, it is kind to your skin, leaving hands feeling soft and it smells luxurious - it’s a real treat!”

We love our bsafe products but we believe the proof is in the pumping! We’re confident that once you try the products, you’ll want to tell everyone!

bsafe has a range of products for adults, children and for use around the house or workplace, available to purchase online at: Prices start at £4.79 for 100ml hand sanitiser foam. Hand sanitiser is available 100ml and 500ml.

For the full range, please visit the website.

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Follow them on Facebook - @UKbsafe and on Instagram - @always_bsafe

bsafe products are currently in stock at:

The Good Life, Wetherby.

The Village Pharmacy, Collingham.

Crimple Valley Fresh, Pannal, Harrogate.

The Country Store, Collingham.

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