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Yorkshire-based charitable organisation, The Wilf Ward Family Trust, started in 1986 with a mission; to provide accommodation and support to individuals with learning disabilities.  


Over its thirty year existence, the Trust has transformed into an incredible, life changing organisation across the whole of Yorkshire, with around 800 members of staff working across more than 70 supported living and registered care services. Yet the Trust remains relatively unheard of, especially for an organisation of such considerable size. This comes as no surprise, as they have always prioritised the individuals they support first and foremost rather than the desire for recognition.

“We are actually quite pleased that we’re not well known,” said the Chief Executive, Paul McCay. “It means we can continue to focus on the business of looking after the people we support, ensuring that they are enabled to lead an active and fulfilling life in the community. This is what drives us to ensure the people we support are able to live truly extraordinary lives.”

Times are certainly difficult for charities and social care organisations at the moment.  However, the Trust has managed to thrive despite the challenges, achieving an ‘Outstanding’ rating from their regulators. This high level of excellence is thanks to the incredible team they have built, all of whom share the desire to go above and beyond for the people they support. The Trust is made up of a dedicated team of staff, yet many came to the role with little to no prior experience supporting people with learning disabilities. 

“We do know from continued experience that many of our staff who had not previously supported people with a learning disability, wish that they had started working for us a lot earlier in their career,” Paul McCay stated. The Trust is proud of their Yorkshire roots, and they are committed to developing new services across the county that meet the same high standards as those currently in place. This is no small feat, as each is tailored to suit the needs of the people who live in them, making every service unique. 

Errol House is just one of the registered services provided by the Trust. It opened in 1999 as a short breaks service for adults with learning disabilities, before it was eventually adapted and developed into a permanent home for up to five people. Situated in the heart of the village of Boston Spa near Wetherby, this property is a large detached house, staffed on a twenty-four hour basis by an incredible team of Support Workers. The individuals who live at Errol House have a varying degree of complex support and health needs requiring round the clock support. This doesn’t stop any of them actively engaging in their community and they participate in a wide array of activities, from college courses, swimming, horse riding, bowling and other leisure activities throughout the week.

Sherburn House is a 12 bed registered care service situated in the idyllic market town of Knaresborough. They provide social care and support for people with learning disabilities and complex health needs, delivering a range of specialist support to those with dementia, receiving end of life care, and profound learning disability care. Built with an expert knowledge in supporting adults with learning disabilities, every aspect of the care service was designed around the people who live there, and the results speak for themselves.

The aim of Sherburn House has always been to provide excellent specialist support, and the key to this is in the understanding of each individual they support. Working together with local hospices, which includes undertaking joint training and sharing of resources, Sherburn House is able to provide lifelong quality care.

The Wilf Ward Family Trust is always looking for driven and reliable people to join their team. Many of the management and leadership roles at the Trust are filled by people who started out working in the support roles, showing just how varied the career options are inside the organisation, and how committed the staff are in progressing both themselves and the Trust. They recognise that the key to a productive organisation is built around a hardworking and motivated team, and they reward their staff with sector-leading rates of pay, flexible working schemes, varied career progression options, and dozens of other benefits.

When working in care, every day can pose a new challenge, but what motivates their staff is the knowledge that each day they are making a difference to another person’s life in an important and impactful way. Many of their staff came to the Trust from varied backgrounds, stepping into care roles without prior experience, and what shines through the most is how many of them realise how meaningful and rewarding the roles can be.

If you are interested in working for The Wilf Ward Family Trust at either Errol House or Sherburn House, you can contact the registered managers via the details below:

Errol House 

Registered Manager, Peter Fletcher

01937 849392 

Sherburn House 

Registered Manager, Nicola Roper

01423 789790 

Or you can find their other vacancies at

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