Ear Wax Removal - how to banish the blockage

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People usually get in touch with The Hearing Suite because they are looking to improve their hearing, or get on top of their tinnitus. But an increasing number of people are getting in touch who would normally have great hearing. They are just experiencing a blockage of wax.   


So how do we stop or reduce the frequency of blockages in our ears?

Ear wax is produced in the outer portion of the ear canal, near the ear lobe itself. The ear canal is the shape of a letter S and is almost an inch in length. In theory, if we ate lots of different cuts of meat, raw fruit and vegetables the wax would come out little by little as we chew.

  • Try not to push things into your ears

  • If you have to use ear drops, put them into the ear for a minute or two, then put a flannel on your pillow and lie on the side you have applied the drops to (so gravity helps the wax move out of the ear a little, not go further in)

  • Consider regular check ups, so the blockage can be removed before it becomes uncomfortable.

You can book your wax removal appointment with The Hearing Suite on our website www.thehearingsuite.co.uk or by calling 01423 429222.

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