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A night of indulgence at Southbank

Southbank Bar and Restaurant


Boston Spa is the place to be on a Friday night, the bars are bustling and the restaurant scene is positively sizzling, and so it was with great pleasure that my husband John and I stepped out one autumnal Friday evening to one of the village’s most popular dining destinations, Southbank bar and restaurant.    


Ready for a night of indulgence we soon got settled in the contemporary and cool - yet comfortable - bar area which was buzzing with people kicking off the start to the weekend over impressive looking cocktails, from the extensive drinks menu which we eyeballed a good many times before making our selections. So many gins, so little time! Feeling rather ravenous we hot-footed downstairs to the restaurant which has an attractive urban vibe, to a standard more like a place you’d find in a big city than in a small spa town. The subterranean quality of the restaurant added to the cosiness and atmosphere with exposed beams lining the ceiling, whitewashed brickwork and mirror walls giving it all a trendy vibe. 

The menu is a fusion of foods that anyone would want to eat at any time, all of it modern gastro and designed around people tucking in whilst chatting and enjoying themselves. All the favourites are covered with dishes including, gourmet burgers, pizza, pasta, salad and an exciting Fire Pit section of their signature steaks served flame grilled. It’s the sort of satisfying and flavoursome Americana fare that has you licking your fingers. After some hesitation to commit, our waitress Eve assisted in narrowing down our choices, helping John decide on the Nduja Crositini which came with a pile of prosciutto ham, mozzarella and dressed with honey, whilst I had Char Tiger Prawns which had been cooked up in a garlic and chilli butter sauce that hit all the right buttons on my expectations.   

On to the mains where John, of course, couldn’t turn down the chance of a great steak so he opted for the Flat Iron with Chimchurri sauce, which came as a juicy hunk of prime meat, chargrilled to perfection with those beautiful flecks of caramelised fat from the flames sparking joy in him. Meanwhile, I was tucking into my choice of Sword Fish and (more) Tiger Prawns, served on a skewer and served with a delightful mango and pomegranate salsa with a hint of chilli that tingled my taste receptors nicely. Unable to control ourselves we succumbed to the dessert menu where we settled on a Prosecco and Raspberry Roulade which was light and sweet and something called ‘Pocket Money’ which turned out to be all of your child hood favourites - Screwball, penny sweets, a Dib Dab and a wagon wheel but promoted to an adult’s interpretation.  

The owner and head chef of Southbank, an amiable chap called Darren was kind enough to come and chat to us, which apparently he does with many dining guests to ensure their enjoyment. It’s a nice touch by an obviously passionate man whose enthusiasm is reflected in the restaurant from the interior to the food. Boston Spa is lucky to have it on its High Street. 

Southbank Bar and Restaurant 

146 High Street, 

Boston Spa LS23 6BW 


01937 841038