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Wharfe Valley Farms

Premium produce to virus protection, a tale of success through diversification.


Wharfe Valley Farms is a long-established family farming business in Collingham, growing, cold-pressing and bottling their award-winning rapeseed products since 2006.

The premium range of plain and infused extra virgin oils including garlic and rosemary, lemon, chilli and smoked flavours alongside the delicious dressings, fruit vinegars, sugar-free mayonnaise and truffle, are available locally, from the farm and online. No stranger to diversification, the Kilby family added a showroom for wood burning stoves and hearths to the farm on Jewitt Lane, Collingham, eight years ago and most recently have expanded with an outdoor dining division, stocking the highly sought after Kamado Joe grills.

In April, following the adverse effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the retail, catering and hospitality industries, Wharfe Valley Farms had the ability to quickly diversify once again, putting their facility to good use by producing a range of competitively priced, high quality hand sanitisers to support the public and private sectors in the fight against the virus. Supplying hospitals, local care homes and schools with essential PPE and providing free product locally where possible including, Lady Elizabeth Hastings Primary School in Collingham. 

Since then, in conjunction with other local businesses Wharfe Valley Farms have introduced a range of liquid, gel and automated hand sanitiser dispensers complete with stands to support customers in the food sector as they re-open.

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